Mini Automatic BAG SLITTER



Luxme, a company specialized in Automatic Bag Slitters for over 30 years, presents the Mini Automatic Bag Slitter. This slitter incorporates bag feeding, bag opening, product emptying, product screening, empty bag compaction, controlled sequence, complete dust free environment, dust filtering, and all-in-one Mini Automatic Bag Slitter.

Luxme can provide Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel-304 contact parts depending on the application or request of the customer.

For food applications, Luxme can provide a Food Grade Sanitary Mini Slitter, composed of quick dismantling of internals for inspection & swab tests. Complete construction in Stainless Steel 304.

Luxme unique design expanded to the development of the Clean-In-Place (CIP) system, which provides a complete wet wash and hot air dying of the bag slitter, Stainless Steel 304 fabrication.